Tuesday, March 20, 2018

HMI update 03/20/2018

·        Added support for the diagnostic status command to the DF1 simulator.
·        Added the scale graphic element to the website.
·        Added the video player graphic element to the website.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

HMI update 02/21/2018

  • Added an analog clock graphic element to the website.
  • Added a mini trend graphic element to the website.
  • Resolved a rare issue with closing the configuration program and the window list editor open, with unsaved files.
  • Added the marquee graphic element to the website.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

First HMI update for 2018

This update is, mainly, for the BACnet/IP driver. The BACnet/IP driver was created about seven years ago and has now been updated to provide some of the features of the newer drivers.

·        Added character string data type support.
·        Added unsigned data type support.
·        Added writing a “Null” to an object.property.
·        Added additional error reporting.
·        Added a script command to write to any object property. This is to write to properties not configured as points and to write a “Null” to a property.
·        Added a helper to create BACnet script write commands.
·        A point/string testing window was added to the BACnet/IP configuration editor.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

HMI update 12/28/2017

·        Added additional diagnostics for the WeMo port type.

·        Changed the "new" version download logic to support SSL.

·        During configuration the AB Logix port can now fetch the tags from the controller and generate points. L5K import continues to be supported.

·        Corrected an issue were license dates newer (> 400 days) than the program date reported a license expired message.

·        Happy New Year

Saturday, October 28, 2017

HMI update 10/28/2017

·       Added script command to set mouse pointer position.

·       Added script command to convert unit types. For example from inches to centimeters. Area, distance, temperature, volume, time and mass unit types are supported.

·       Added sixteen segment graphic element to the website feature.

·       Added “PointExist” script command.

·       Added property to expose HMI version string to script engine.

·       Added a script command to get/set the position/size of an open user window.

·       Added a default error image for display when a camera image capture failed.

·       Added a video group graphic element (website) to use one connection per group of cameras.

Friday, September 1, 2017

HMI update 9/1/2017

·      Added two script commands to return additional computer information.

·      Changed the animation configuration dialog to allow the animations to be listed in a single column. This required panel reordering.

·      Added an alarm indictor to display a rectangle and/or a symbol if a tag connected to the graphic element is in alarm.

·      An ODBC recipe can be configured for a row as the recipe or a column as a recipe.

·      Added LoadRecipe2 script command to support ODBC recipe enhancements.

·      Added a new analog gauge for the website feature using JustGage.

·      Added a DBGraphicRead script command to get the current text of the database memo, edit, text, list box, drop list and check box control into a script.

·      Added some protection code for the dynamic image graphic animation.

Monday, August 7, 2017

HMI update 8/7/2017

This is a few small updates to the graphics editor.
·        Added a hint window to display configured graphic animations on demand.

·      The tagname search/replace editor now shows the affected graphic element when moving from one graphic element to another while in the editor.