Monday, January 10, 2011

Version 4.0...

Today we released version 4.0 of PeakHMI. Support for the Keyence protocol as defined in Keyence User Manual Chapter 7 was added. PeakHMI supports all the memory types for reading and writing as defined in the user manual.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New release...

We had a new release yesterday. By request we added some configurable features to the analog slider. It now displays a numeric scale next to the tick marks and the current value, as text, next to the thumb. Both can be enabled/disabled. We also changed the operation of the 'frequency' property. It is now more of a 'tick count' property. If you have an existing slider, when you install the new version you will need to adjust the 'frequency' property.

Work on addition of the Keyence protocol is proceeding. Configuration support is complete and runtime support is nearing completion.

The USB digital board is nearing completion. It is in testing. We were using a surface mount transistor for the outputs. We had a resettable fuse for short circuit protection but found in testing it was not fast enough and the transistor would become damaged when a direct short was applied. We changed the design to use a large thorough hole transistor and the transistor is not damaged due to a direct short.