Monday, April 15, 2013

New gauge...

The latest HMI release has a new gauge graphic element. It has many configurable settings, up to 3 needles, 3 sections, opacity, etc..


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Drag and drop...

Before today importing graphics into the graphic editor was via the clipboard. Some external program (MS Paint, Photoshop, etc.) copied the graphic to the clipboard and the HMI could then ‘paste’ the graphic from the clipboard and convert it to an internal HMI graphic element for display.

The HMI graphic editor now supports drag and drop for graphic files.

PNG                Portable Network Graphics       
GIF                  Graphics Interchange Format
JPG/JPEG      Joint Photographic Experts Group
WMF/EMF   Windows Meta File/ Enhanced Metafiles
BMP               Bitmap Image File
ICO                 Icon

The file name extension is used to determine the file type. The clipboard can continue to be used to import graphics. The nature of WMF/EMF files might require a particular file to be imported via the clipboard.