Friday, September 1, 2017

HMI update 9/1/2017

·      Added two script commands to return additional computer information.

·      Changed the animation configuration dialog to allow the animations to be listed in a single column. This required panel reordering.

·      Added an alarm indictor to display a rectangle and/or a symbol if a tag connected to the graphic element is in alarm.

·      An ODBC recipe can be configured for a row as the recipe or a column as a recipe.

·      Added LoadRecipe2 script command to support ODBC recipe enhancements.

·      Added a new analog gauge for the website feature using JustGage.

·      Added a DBGraphicRead script command to get the current text of the database memo, edit, text, list box, drop list and check box control into a script.

·      Added some protection code for the dynamic image graphic animation.