Monday, September 16, 2013

Ping via ICMP (Internet control message protocol)...

The HMI now has a “Ping” driver. This driver can be used to ping devices that do not have other communication paths with the HMI. This allows the HMI to monitor devices and create alarms, messages, graphic changes, log entries, etc. when a device does not respond within the configured parameters.

The address to ping can be an IP address or a host name. Each “ping master” can support 100 devices and the number of masters is unlimited.

Here is a screen capture of the configuration screen.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Delta motion control protocol...

The HMI now supports the Delta motion control protocol (DMCP) using TCP and/or UDP.

All registers are accessible and multiple register writing is supported. One write call can write up to 1024 registers for TCP and 256 registers for UDP.

The HMI can also collect plot data from the controller using “Method 2: Advanced”.  Using this method allows the HMI to collect all 8 plots (0-7) and the plot size is unlimited. The captured plot is rendering in an X/Y chart and a picture of the chart can be included in a generated report. The data can also be exported to CSV file.