Saturday, May 21, 2011

ODBC additional support...

PeakHMI has support for external databases via ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity). This allows any database that supports ODBC to be used for importing and exporting data. All the databases we evaluated provide ODBC drivers, including Excel which is not a database.
The table format was fixed to provide for maximum speed. While that goal was met it was not very friendly for recipe support or other ad hoc access requirements.
We added a new 'port' which allows for reading and writing to any table's row and field, on demand. The port can be configured to read/write data to the database continuously or under script control. The data to access in the database is also under script control. Reading and writing are separate and under script control.
 While the fixed access type continues to exist the flexible access type might be more suitable for some applications.
Testing on the analog board is in progress. The target list price is $400.00, shipping included.
Work on the report generation unit for PeakHMI is in progress.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New standalone OPC server for Ethernet/IP...

Today we released a standalone OPC server for Ethernet/IP. It can communicate with ControlLogix, FlexLogix and CompactLogix. All the atomic data types are supported for reading and writing. The number of connections to PLCs and the number of tags is unlimited. And the price is only $49. What a deal!
We are considering releasing a standalone OPC server for the PCCC protocol.
The 13 channel analog input board is still in progress. The code is done, the first run of boards is due back in a couple of days and testing will begin very soon.
The PID additions to the RLL program are almost complete. The derivative component is the only remaining portion.
Work on a report generation unit for PeakHMI is in progress.