Thursday, October 27, 2011

ODBC data logging update...

We released a new version today that adds a pause feature and the ability to change the logging rate for ODBC data logging at runtime on a per table bases.

The pause was added to halt logging, for example, when the machinery was off-line or logging was only required during certain abnormal conditions.

The logging rate is adjustable from 100 milliseconds to 2 million plus milliseconds in 100 millisecond increments. Under normal operations it might be configured to log every 10 seconds but, under an abnormal condition the desired rate might be 100 milliseconds.

We also added a 'close the calling window' attribute to all graphic mouse 'open window x' commands. (Saves a separate call to close window.)

Also added is a method to test if a tagname in a Logix controller exist at design time.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ODBC data logging...

A new version of the HMI was released yesterday. PeakHMI has been able to read/write data to any database, via ODBC, for the real-time processing of data, for quite some time. This was accomplished by reading/writing the same fields of the database table, via a set frequency or a change of value of the underlying data point.

PeakHMI is also able to log data values to an internal database and then export it to several formats.

PeakHMI can now log data values directly to any database, via ODBC, at a set frequency, user command or scripting command. A new record is added to the end of the table.

The release also included a few minor corrections in the graphics editor. The minor corrections had to do with the visual appearance with one gauge at design time and a mouse down event in the analog and digital grid editors.

We are considering adding support for the 1-Wire protocol from Maxim. Here is a link to a web page.