Monday, February 7, 2011

New version and new program...

Today we released a new version of PeakHMI and a new program.
We added MODBUS Master ASCII serial (RS 232/485) support and released a new MODBUS Slave ASCII serial simulator.
The PeakHMI MODBUS Master ASCII driver has all the same features and supports all the same function codes as the MODBUS Master RTU driver.
The MODBUS Slave ASCII simulator has all the features and supports all the same function codes as the MODBUS Slave RTU slave simulator. All the simulators are free.
We also corrected a few help file document errors and typos in the script prototype examples.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Version 4.1...

Today we released version 4.1 of PeakHMI. The graphic engine has always had the ability to change the color, pattern, pen, etc. of graphic elements based on the state of a digital tag. And to choose attributes based on the value of an analog tag.
One frequent usage of color was not covered as smoothly as it could be accomplished. We now have a new animation we named 'Digital Compare'.
For example, a valve has several exclusive states - closed, opened, purge and travel. The desire is to have one graphic element to change color based on the state of the valve. Closed, opened and purge each have a digital tag. Travel is the condition when none of the other conditions are true. In the past an analog tag could be created and its value based on the value of the digital tags. Or several graphic elements could be created and placed one above the other and using a combination of color changes and hide/show achieve the goal.

Now with the new animation one graphic element can be used. In the above configuration we created the valve graphic element and made it yellow to signify travel - the state when another state is not present. Closed will be green, opened will be red and purge will flash between a light red and grey. The animation starts at row one and process rows until it finds a true condition and then applies the attributes configured. If a 'true' row is not found the design time attributes are applied. The new animation should make animating valves, light trees, motors, etc. much faster and easier in the future.
Testing of the USB digital board is complete and we hope to have a production run by the end of next week. A couple of photos and more specification details will follow very soon.