Thursday, March 28, 2013

User/operator log...

The HMI now has a runtime user/operator log. This provides for the entry of text into a log during runtime. For example, a machine stops running. The operator can add a log entry as to why the machine stopped.

The log entries are stamped with a date/time and the current user name as well as an optional category.

The log entries can be viewed at runtime and/or only log entry is allowed. The log can be exported to a text file or printed at design time or runtime.

This is a screen shot of the configuration window.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New HMI feature...

The HMI graphic animation configuration is a very easy “point & click” feature with many options. The configuration of graphic animations does not require scripting.

Sometimes, a need arises to render graphics in such a way that no amount of “built in” animations can cover all the possible situations. In these cases the option, before today, was to use the HMI scripting engine and store scripting results in one of the internal tags. Then the graphic animations would reference the internal tag.

As of today, graphic elements provide, as one of the animations, a script animation. Built in animation and/or scripting can be used for the same graphic object.

Here is a screen shot of the script editor with a simple script: