Saturday, June 18, 2011

PCCCOPC program...

This morning we released a new software product. The PCCCOPC program is an OPC DA server used to communicate with devices that support the PCCC protocol . We tested the software with:

PLC5 (Ethernet)
Micrologix 1400
Micrologix 1000 with NET-ENI
SLC 5/04 with NET-ENI
SLC 5/05 (Ethernet)
SLC 5/05 with NET-ENI

All the atomic data types are supported for reading and writing. The number of connections to PLCs and the amount of data to monitor is unlimited. And the price is only $49.
Development of the 13 channel AI board is moving along. We added some additional hardware filtering and adjustable software filtering. Testing is complete and the first release board blanks are due soon.
Here is a screen shot of the configuration program: