Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DNP3 outstation...

The HMI has supported the DNP3 protocol, as a master station, for several years. Today we released a new version of the HMI that can emulate DNP3 outstations. Any data point in the HMI can be used as a source point in an outstation. For example, data from a device needs to be made available to a DNP3 master and the device only supports a non DNP3 protocol (MODBUS or Allen Bradley or GE, etc.) the HMI can read the data from the device, transfer it to the emulated DNP3 outstation and the DNP3 master can access the data via TCP/IP.

The number of outstations that can be emulated is unlimited.

Here is a screen shot of the default group/item settings.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Percent fill...

The HMI has provided a “percent fill” with directions of left, right, top and bottom since the first release and the MA (Manual/Automatic) complex object has provided up, down and middle fills.

“Middle” (vertical) selection provides for fill from the middle of the object towards the top if the value is 51% of full scale or greater and towards the bottom if the value is 49% of full scale or less. 50% has no fill.

For example; a temperature is maintained +- 10 degrees. The range is -10 to 10 degrees. The percent fill using “middle” is a better visual indication of the temperature in relation to the desired value.

Today we extended the “Middle” direction to all graphic elements that support “percent fill” and also added “Middle (Horizontal)".