Sunday, July 17, 2011

New HMI release...

Today we had a new release for the HMI. We corrected a couple of issues with the graphic editor. One was when a group element contained other grouped elements and the top layer group was copied/pasted, the layering order of the elements would sometimes get reordered. The second issue was when selecting a group element and then selecting to change the tagnames of the element animations, only the top level group tagnames would be displayed.

A new feature we added was an easier to configure and use report generator. Here is a picture of the report editor.

It is like a spreadsheet. You enter static data or using one of the commands collect the value of a tagname, global string or the data/time.

Here are the supported formats.

The report filename is the report name and the current date/time if an optional file name is not specified. The report can be generated at runtime via a user button/command, a script command or via the task scheduler.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Two releases...

Yesterday we had two releases.  Both releases are Enron MODBUS related.

PeakHMI now supports Enron MODBUS (serial). Support was added to include the protocol in the suite and to add support for Omni Flow computers. We will be adding additional support for alarm and event collection from the flow computers as a built in routine.

We also released a free serial slave simulator for the protocol.

Both programs support the following addresses and data types:

Register                     Data type
1001 - 1999             Booleans
2001 - 2999             Booleans
3001 - 3999             16 bit short integers
4001 - 4999             8 character strings
5001 - 5999             32 bit long integers
6001 - 6999             32 bit floats
7001 - 7999             32 bit floats
8001 - 8999             32 bit floats
13001 - 13999        16 bit short integers
14001 - 14999        16 character strings
15001 - 15999        32 bit long integers
17001 - 17999        32 bit floats

On the analog input card front, the first production card blanks are back and the cards are in production.