Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New release last week...

We completed addition of Mitsubishi 3C protocol driver. The driver supports format 1 with or without checksum and format 4 with or without checksum.

We also added a period of 'hour' to the task scheduler. A task can be configured to execute on 'X' minute of an hour and repeat every 'Y' hours.

Work on an new ODBC feature to allow the logging of data to any database that supports ODBC. Our current ODBC support is used for collecting and exporting current tag values. It repeatedly reads or writes the data to the same table fields. The new feature is a data logging action. It will 'insert' new records, containing tag values, at the end of the table at the configured frequency.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New release on Labor day...

We had a couple of releases the past two weeks.

The first was support for Enron TCP/IP. This also includes report collection for the Omni Flow computers. All of the report types can be retrieved via TCP/IP.

The second release was support for Mitsubishi 3E (binary) protocol via TCP/IP. Support for the 3C protocol, format 1 or 4 and with or without checksum is in process and should be released soon.

The release today adds two new features to graphics. We added an optional border property to rectangles to give a 3D appearance. Prior to this release the user had to create the two color border to achieve the same visual effect. We also added a new animation. The 'Repeated move' provides for moving a graphic element through configured steps and then repeat or reverse. A short video on our web site demonstrates the animation.